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  EL ,Electro-Lminescence, is a structure where fluorescent substance is applied in between the clear conductive electrode and the rear electrode producing light due to the action of electric field produced by the repetition of charging and recharging when the alternating current is applied to both electrode. Intensity of light varies according to the characteristics (amplitude, vibration) of the electricity applied to both electrodes.
  In this structure, fluorescent substance is applied in between the clear conductive film electrode and carbon electrode. When specific electricity is introduced in between the electrodes, various lights would light depending on the color of the fluorescent substance. It is widely applied in many fields due its thinness (0.3mm) and its flexible structure.
    - Width: 0.17~0.25mm
- Minimum Radius: 6mm
- Operating Voltage: AC200~150V, DC3V~12V
- Operating Frequency: 50~3000HZ
- Temperature Range: -30~70℃
- Consumed Electricity: 10W (300㎠*90CD/㎡ Standard)
- Operation Span: 8,000~10,000HR
  (Difference occurs due to the operation condition and environment)
- Size: A2, A3, A4
- 크 기 :
With its thin material, display on the curve surface and multidimensional is possible.
- It could be used in a cylindrical state with the radius of 6mm (as thick as a little finger of an adult)
Cold Light
It does not over heat or has dangers of fire because it is a plane fluorescent substance activated by electrical field.
 - When EL exclusive Operation Device (INVERTER) is not used or it is used beyond the normal rating, overheating might occur. Usage of standardized operation device is recommended.
Over 70 % of the electric power could be reserved compared to the normal fluorescent light or neon light. It also has longer life span therefore has excellent economic efficiency.
 - To light A4 size surface, 10W of electricity is used. Therefore, when applied to an advertising signs, with a little cost, one can maximize the advertising impact. (Company Measurement: EL 6w +12V Adaptor 4w Standard)
Uniform & Variety
With the soft and uniform emission, stress to eyes is significantly reduced, and with the various colors, multiple display patterns can be achieved.
 - Slight difference in light intensity could result due to the EL cutting technique, but the light intensity is uniform. There are 14colors to choose from and with the use of assistance filter, desired color could be chosen.
Active Design
All types of display are made possible due to the program flicker through 8 channels including simple emission and active emission (flickering function).
 - Desired flickering patterns and time which corresponds with the advertising concept by using MYCOM program control could be chosen by the customers when ordering, and sample of the design is provided for the customers during designing steps to reflect customer’s desires. Also by changing program ROM, different pattern of flickering can be displayed.
Description EL Neon Panaplex
(30% of Neon)
High Middle
Heat Generation None High Middle
Durability 2~3years 6 months~1year 6month
Maintain very easy Frequent replacement of lamps & materials
Tolerance against
External Impact
very strong very weak weak
Presentation of
excellent Good Plain
excellent Good Good