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How to work EL Wire
Double Wire
| Single Wre
Double wire before stripping
Strip coating by using stripper.
At this time, be careful not to damage 2 thick electrode strands where light pigment is covered.
SBecause two strands used for electrode in single wire is not used as electrode in double wire, cut it shortly.
Two white wires’ white insulation layer is stripped as much as it is soldered by using mini nipper, knife, enamel wire stripper, etc. At this time, please be careful not to damage remained white insulation layer except the soldered part.
In order that two electrode wires are not contacted to prevent them from shorted like the figure, cut EL wire and all other electric wires in mutually different length and strip soldered two electric wires and El wire’ ends.
Prepare three shrink tubes (for two thin tubes to insulate soldered parts and thick tube as much as covering the whole EL wire).
First, put thick tube on electric wire and then, put two thin tubes on soldered two electric wire strands. Shorter part is soldered with EL wire, that part is fully covered with previously inserted shrink tube, and then, the tube is shrunken by using heat blower, lighter, etc.
And then, longer part is soldered with EL wire, that part is fully covered with previously inserted tube, and then it is shrunken in the same method.
Finally, the whole soldered wires are covered with remained thick tube, which is shrunken.
In soldering them, don’t use liquid flux, acid solvent, etc.