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•About emitted color
  - EL SHEET is emitting source of uniform surface in plate condition, which can express new and soft light and also, when it is emitted, you can gain display effect even in day time because it can maintain vivid colors.
- Standard luminance condition: 100V / 400Hz
STANDARD COLOR Symbol Standard Brightness(cd/m²)
Non-emitted Light
Non-emitted light color is ivory
H. BLUE GREEN HBG   72 High luminance color to raise SBG contrast luminance by 120%.
Non-emitted light color is weak yellow
WHITE WH   58 White emitted light by mixing the 2nd light pigment,
Weak pink in non-emitted heat
A. WHITE AWH   41 White coated with milky color
Color in non-emitted light is near to white
BLUE NBL   27 Dark blue
GREEN NGR   30 Color having transparence just like emerald
LIVE GREEN NLG   55 Much brighter dark green color
YELLOW-GREEN NYG   60 The brightest color
Yellow in non-emitted
YELLOW NYL   53 Color is near to bright lemon color
ORANGE-YELLOW NOY   50 It is near to gold color
ORANG NOR   37 Orange color is near to grapefruit color
RED NRD   18 Red color series are shown brighter than the value that you can see by naked eyes
PINK NPK   18 Stable PINK
PINK NPP   37 Cheerful pink having high using rate
LAVENDER NLA   16 Celadon green
Fancy color, red color in non-emitted
·Because of reflected light in bright space, its unique emitted light color and in emitted light color are mixed and shown.
·There may be difference between monitor’s display color and real color/emitted light color.
  ·Currently, we prepare 7 kinds of standard products like the below figure
·A4 and A5 partition A3 and Y1 partitions Y2
  · Each shape's dimensions
Shape Dimensions
Emission measurements(mm) Emitting area(cm²) Reference
A2 435 * 609 422 * 596 2515.1 Its thickness is 0.25mm including silver boot bar
A3 433 * 310 421 * 298 1254.5
A4 216.5 * 310 210.5 * 298 627.2
A5L / R 216.5 * 155 210.5 *149 313.6
Y1 415 * 135 402 * 122 490.4
Y2 415 * 67.5 402 * 61 245.2
• Rear of the configuration
•Silver boot bar’s function
  - EL Sheet emits light between surface transparent electrode surface and rear side carbon layer, which shows large resistance on both electrode surfaces.
  Therefore, silver paste scatters current density from input contact by attaching silver paste on each outside.
- Although EL Sheet is cut, it is better to leave silver boot bar long.
- Especially, silver boot bar on external surface transparent electrode is important and if it is damaged, EL’s function is also lost.
- Because protection layer does not have insulating function, please be careful of materials to be able to generate electric shock.
•Smaller size than standard sheet
  - When you need smaller size than 6 TYPE explained previously, you can cut and use A2, A3, A4, Y1, and Y2.
- When electrode is situated at just one side, it may be heated through increase of current density.