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  Let’s us challenge new idea to enough reflect super-slim EL sheet’s characteristics, which can be processed by using paper.

When you cut EL sheet in logo or character and make it emitted after putting it between 2 transparent acrylic sheets, you can beautifully express it as much as you can’t do so by using other advertisement materials.
In addition, when you rotate its shape and mark both sides, you can make emitting sign giving excellent advertisement effect.

- Non-emitted silver boot bar part’s design is treated by putting color to marking film.

In the case of directly cutting character on EL, Chinese character or type style having not connected pattern can’t be used.
You need improved design. Also, in cutting it, you don’t have to change character shape having intermittent gap between each character.

•Thin film double side emitting
- Fix EL sheet wired on both sides of resin plate of about 1mm by using double-side tape.
- In the case of complicated EL lay-out and wiring by multi-color expression, please finish acrylic plate for each side and put insulation resin plate on its middle.
•Divided flickering emitting
- It is one of EL characteristics, which can dynamically express movement by inserting flickering circuit. It is the same flickering method as LED and LCD dot flickering and also, you can gain undecided wide emitting surface.
- For example, you can express video clip of flying ball shape by operating flickering order like 1→2→3→4.
In this case, because EL color and printed color are the same when ball and feet are not emitted, you should make emitting pattern stressed in the same way even in daytime.

Because EL size is different for 1 and 2~4, bigger sized part is darker.

Especially, because color difference between non-emitting and emitting, BLUE-GREEN, YELLOW-ORANGE, WHITE, etc, are effective.
•In the case that various colors are combined
- Because there are 2 colors emitting like the blow figure, in the case that there is island between characters, you can express it by combining 3 EL sheets.
- In the case that you mass-produce the shape by using various colors, it becomes 1 sheet in printing version.