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  EL product is surface emitting device of sheet shape, which is lit up by applying AC voltage to fluorescent substance distributed evenly between 2 electrodes having excellent conductivity.

• Configuration and concept of light
  - Thin SHEET thickness.( 0.17 mm~ 0.25 mm)
- Able to be emitted in curved condition. (Min. radius: 6mm)
- Able to express various colors. (14 colors)
- Because of even surface emitting, able to produce soft light.
- Able to control emitting time and its order by combining various colors.
- Able to freely cut and process emitting sheet’s shape and size.
- Consumed electric power is very low and heat is not generated.
- It is strong against vibration and impact.
  - Thin light-emitting material of displayed material.
- Light source for advertising sign, P.O.P., and interior
- Fancy supplies using light
- Various display equipments
- Security light source in nighttime.
- Light crystal display equipment’s thin back-light and instrument’s light emitting character board
• Basic Specifications
Operating Voltage
( AC,Vrms )
20 ~ 150
Operating Frequency ( Hz ) 50 ~ 3000
Temperature Range Work -30 ~ +70
Conservation -30 ~ +80
  - Max. rating is decided according to combination of voltage and frequency
- Vrms : Voltage effective value, the value to measure average of signal shown in changed waveform according time flow.
  It is to calculate square root by calculating integral on instant squared value of signal in one cycle and then, averaging it by its cycle.