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•How to keep EL SHEET
- Please keep it in case having enough space in order not to force external stress and also, avoid ultraviolet rays as well as high temperature and high humidity.
Luminance change does not occur under the environment of high temperature and high humidity.
- In rolling and carrying it, please roll it by Dia. 7cm and more and if you keep such condition for a long time, which may be cause of deformation, please promptly keep it on flat place.
- You should avoid bending it, which generates un-emitting parts and influences energized characteristics.
- Please surely avoid getting wet. If it is got wet, please use it after fully drying it.
- Especially, if rear side’s carbon surface is damaged, it will influence emitting characteristics. Please protect it against contaminated materials and be careful of not scaring or damaging it.
- Please don’t scrubbing rear side carbon surface and boot bar by using organic solvent. When emitting surface is contaminated, please softly wipe it up by soaking soft cloth on alcohol, benzene, etc.
When EL sheet is partially shorted, you can reuse it by cutting the damaged part.
•Caution in emitting test
- Although current energizing EL is small amount, because voltage is high, please don’t touch it by naked hands. Even if its surface is insulator, its rear part consists of conductors.
- Carbon protection layer does not have insulation function.
- Please don’t grab + electrode by both naked hands at the same time. Also, If you grab it by one hand, electric shock can occur when you touch steel plate.
- When you use batter as electric source, it may be dangerous because inverter voltage is increased.
- Please wire EL after checking if driving circuit’s switch is on Off in testing emitting characteristics.
- As for finished product, please concretely cover EL rear surface and section with insulator.