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• Luminance setup
  - If inverter’s voltage and frequency driving EL sheet are high, luminance is increased.
- The smaller EL sheet area contacted with inverter is, the higher luminance is increased.
- Generally, effective luminance is as follows.
- In the case that luminance does not exist at all: about 20 cd / m²
- Urban district’s footpath in night time: about 40 cd / m²
- Weak indoor illumination about 60 cd / m²
- Generally illuminated indoor: about 80 cd / m²
- As for EL luminance, time when initial luminance becomes half is much longer than time when it is decreased by 1/4.
•About luminance’s reduction
  - The higher initial luminance is or the higher frequency, the shorter luminance is maintained.
- Luminance’s retention rate is lowered under the high temperature and high humidity.
- In non-emitting, there hardly is EL sheet’s luminance aging. Therefore, as how to increase luminance reduction time, you can increase the period 2 times by lighting flickering circuit for 1 second and then, turning it off for 1 second compared to continuous lighting. Also, if you flicker EL in relay type by dividing in four.
- If you turn it on only for night time or human entrance by attaching sensor on circuit or light it for necessary period by attaching timer, you can largely increase luminance reduction time
- In the case of short-period use like event, you can specifically increase luminance