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•Summary and explanation
  - EL is emitted by applying AC voltage between electrodes.
- EL can be driven by inverter circuit like driven by voltage and frequency.
- Generally, you can increase luminance reduction time by calibrating it as increasing voltage in inverter circuit.
- You can properly and selectively use inverter according to each specification such as emitted EL area, necessary luminance, electric power specification (AC or DC), inverter case size, etc.
- Generally, inverter emits EL at about 50 ~ 150 Vrms output voltage and about 200 ~ 2,000 HZ output frequency. Especially, in the case that it is lit up for a long time, please operate it under 400 Hz.
- In the case that it is lit up at the same inverter, the smaller applied EL are is, the higher output voltage and output frequency are, which makes luminance higher.
- Although it can be lit up by directly applying AC 100V, 50 ~ 60Hz without using inverter, there is never the effect in bright place of 10cd/ m² luminance level. In this case, please connect 125V, 0.1A fuse in parallel.
- Especially, please surly avoid direct contact with AC 200V.
•Driving condition range
- When it is used for commercial signs, usually, it is used under 400 ~ 500 Hz, 100 ~ 120 Vrms.
- In the case that using voltage and frequency are beyond using limitation, it may be cause of EL damage by heat.
• Brightness - voltage - frequency characteristics
• About consumed electric power
  - Although consumed power is different according to inverter characteristics, generally, EL size is 300 cm² and in the case that luminance is 90 cd/m², consumed power is 10W.
- Irrespective of EL area, it is better to use DC battery for ordinary high luminance illumination. As for low voltage electric power, it is better to use AC adaptor.
- In lighting up EL, inverter’s resonance sound and too hot temperature are not product’s abnormal condition. As for EL sheet, if you used many sheets, weak resonance sound may be generated, which is not abnormal condition.