About EL
Selection of EL Sheet
Luminance setup
General driving circuit
Used only for outdoor
How to treat EL Sheet
How to process EL Sheet
About design
EL Door Step
How to work EL Wire
•EL SHEET’s customer specification
- Because the whole EL sheet is made by printing process, you can very freely set it up.
We treat special shape beside normal sheet.
- Max. size of light shape
- Shape’s design setup.
- Multi-emitted colors printing
- Complementary color filter printing on single color emitting base color
- Flickering and emitting in order by freely dividing emitting surface.
- Non-emitting surface and mixed pattern printing
- Appoint electrode position
•Driving circuit’s customer specification
- Driving circuit has different specification according to EL size, luminance, lighting frequency, electric power condition, keeping size, etc.
- You can use sub-circuits such as inverter, flickering circuit and timer, human detection sensor, etc. suitable for each specification.